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When on a low cholesterol diet, how much cholesterol can one

When on a low cholesterol diet, how much cholesterol can one

Although it’s not easy to determine how much cholesterol you can have on a low cholesterol diet–you need to work this out with your doctor and nutritionist–the American Heart Association says you shouldn’t have more than 300 milligrams of cholesterol a day. If you''ve heart disease, aim for less than 200 milligrams.


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Dietary fat has been blamed as the cause of obesity, heart disease, diabetes and other health problems for the past four decades, but some obesity experts say a high-fat, low-carb ketogenic diet promotes rapid weight loss and optimal health.

What''s more, they say a high-fat diet helps people maintain their weight loss over the long haul — something the vast majority of trendy diets cannot claim.

"I tell my patients not to fear the fat," Dr. Eric Westman told CBN Oct. 7. "Eat lots of fat. Fat makes you feel full. There''s no problem with fat. In fact, saturated fat, the fat that we''ve been taught not to eat, raises your good cholesterol best of all the foods you can eat."

Westman, a nationally recognized obesity expert who oversees the Duke University Lifestyle Medicine Clinic, said his patients experience dramatic weight loss on a ketogenic diet, which is a high-fat, moderate-protein, low-carb eating...