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Shaklee Japan Market Information

Shaklee Japan Market Information

Thank you for your interest in Shaklee Japan!

Japanese family

We are pleased that you have chosen to build your business in Japan. By choosing to sponsor people outside of your home country and into Japan, you can create new income opportunities for you, those you sponsor and in turn those they sponsor. To simplify your efforts we’ve created an international sponsoring process that is easy and profitable for you. Just follow the simple steps below to begin building your business in Japan and in turn enjoy the benefits from building a Global Business!

To sponsor someone in Japan, follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Become a GOLD Ambassador by purchasing a GOLD Ambassador Mission Pak.

Step 2: Download the Japan Sponsoring Kit information from the Japan landing page, review the materials and printout the materials you find most helpful in introducing Shaklee to your prospects. The Japan Sponsoring Kit includes:

Step 3: Identify prospects in your home country that are of Japanese decent or prospects that have contacts in Japan. Work them to build their business in your home country for approximately three months. This will get them familiar with Shaklee and develop their leadership and business building skills.

Step 4: Once they have built a customer and distributor base in their home country, have them identify prospects in Japan. Use the Japan information to introduce Shaklee to business builders in Japan. Share the additional materials from the Japan Sponsoring Kit with your prospects so that they are more familiar with the company, opportunity and products.

Step 5: Have your prospects fill out the Japan Distributor Application Form (Be sure to include your Shaklee ID in the ID No. section of the application so that they are signed up under you).

Step 6: Forward the completed Distributor Application Form to Shaklee Japan by:

Mail or Fax:
Shaklee Japan K. K.
Operations Department
21st Floor, Shinjuku-Sumitomo Building
Nishi-Shinjuku, 2-6-1, Shinjuku-ku,
Tokyo, Japan 163-0221
E-mail: otsuka@shaklee.co.jp

Step 7: Your new Japan Distributor will receive their Distributor Kit within a few days of submitting their application.

Step 8: Follow-up – To follow-up on the application status of your prospect in Japan or for any other inquiries, please contact the GOLD Ambassador Liaison in Japan:

Shaklee Japan GOLD Ambassador Liaison
Shigeo Takasugi
Director of Sales and Field Development
E-mail: takasugi.shigeo@shaklee.co.jp