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Fire the personal trainer: Use these sites instead

Fire the personal trainer: Use these sites instead

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Written by keepushealth
Monday, 11 July 2011 01:03
Spring is almost here, and soon well be showing the world much more than just our heads and hands. That means its time to get up off the couch and start doing whatever we can to get our bods ready for summer. Need advice on that? These site

Spring is almost here, and soon well be showing the world much more than just our heads and hands. That means its time to get up off the couch and start doing whatever we can to get our bods ready for summer. Need advice on that? These sites can help.


If youre looking for a way to track your workouts and get some dietary advice,Gyminee is a great place to start.

In a matter of seconds, youll be able to join Gyminee and start creating a workout regimen that will help you lose weight, tone your muscles, or gain strength. And you wont need to do it alone. With the help of Gyminee, you can find exercises and create a regimen from pre-configured workout routines based on your goals. Gyminee does a fine job of helping you do whatever you want.

Creating a custom workout in Gyminee is .

Gyminees tracking tools are very good. Once you sign up, you can put your weight, resting heart rate, and measurements into the system to see where you stand today. As long as you keep inputting that information on a regular basis, it will show you a detailed graph providing your progress over the term of your workout. Thats easily my vorite feature because its a great motivation tool that helps me see just how r Ive come since I started exercising.

While Gyminee does a fine job with workouts and tracking, I was disappointed with its dietary advice. It does provide a detailed analysis of required calorie, t, and protein intake to get you to your goal weight, but it doesnt do much more. It doesnt tell you what to eat and how to do it. It doesnt tell you when you should be eating. It basically tells you that you need to have a certain number of calories every day and leaves it at that. For a full-featured health improvement site, thats weak.

Gyminee boasts extra features like a forum so you can discuss health considerations, and you can make friends with others and track their progress. If you want, you can also set challenges and see how close you are to achieving those goals. Gyminee offers good features and its worth using even though it doesnt have enough dietary information.


HealtheHuman wont track your workouts the way Gyminee does, and it wont even try to calculate your body mass index or other important health indexes. What it does do really well is give you all the information you need to be a healthier human.

Once you sign up for HealtheHuman, youll be asked to create a personal profile detailing your gender, age, height, weight, and much more. From there, you can set goals, track your workouts, examine how nutritious your meals are, and create a balanced, healthy lifestyle with the sites outstanding resources.

I won&39;t input my health records in HealtheHuman.

When I first started using HealtheHuman, I was surprised by all the resources it offered. Whether I wanted to lose weight, tone my muscles, or increase strength, the site gave me dietary and exercise instructions to do just that. When I logged my days meals and workout routine into the system, the sites Nutrition Analyzer modified my future eating and workout routine to ensure I stayed on track to reach my goals.

One feature that HealtheHuman offers that I didnt like is its health record tracking tool. You can literally place every single doctors visit and health issue into the service and have access to it from anywhere. Some think thats a great feature and worth using, but Im not one of them. I dont feel comfortable providing my entire medical history to a small site such as this. I ignored this feature.

HealtheHuman is free if you want to use the features outlined above, but charges if you want unlimited storage of health data.


Livestrong, which was co-founded by med bicyclist Lance Armstrong, is much r to use than HealtheHuman or Gyminee. In ct, its one of the easiest services to use in this roundup.

Although Im not too fond of Livestrongs design, its dietary and exercise advice is excellent. The sites Fitness tab includes a ton of exercises that help you work on anything from your shoulders to your calves. The sheer number of exercises puts Livestrong ahead of the competition; there are literally hundreds of different routines for the major muscle groups.

Mental health is important, too, on Livestrong.

I was just as impressed with Livestrongs dietary section. The site provides information on what to eat, when to eat, and how to eat. It also includes recipe suggestions to ensure youre eating something each day thats both tasty and healthy. Ill admit that Id rather have a bowl of ice cream than dried peanuts and lima beans, but if I really want to lose weight, I guess Ill have to follow the rules. Livestrong makes it a bit easier though, thanks to better recipes and tastier options.

What I really liked about Livestrong was that it went beyond just exercise and diet. The site also features suggestions on creating a more balanced life and dealing with stress.

Livestrong wont track your progress, but it doesnt require registration. The site is designed specifically for knowledge-seekers who want information on exercises and diets. And it provides that service better than any other site in this roundup.


If youre looking for help with a workout routine or you simply want to find some exercises that will help you strengthen your muscles,MyTrainer provides videos by other users showing how its done.

I was suspect of MyTrainer at first. Many of the videos are low-quality, and there is a lot of repetition among them. That wasnt such a bad thing for more complicated routines, but I dont need 10 videos showing me how to perform the basic push-up.

MyTrainer has a great selection of videos.

Once I started digging deeper into MyTrainer, I realized that theres a lot to like. The site features videos for people based on age, amount of time it takes to finish an exercise, and more. Whether you want something or something difficult tailored to who you are individually, the site will have it for you. In ct, I found exercises tailored to my age, body size, and goals in a matter of seconds. It was an outstanding experience.

If you dont want video, you can see photos or listen to audio helping you learn different exercises. There are also some articles written by users, but they are not nearly as helpful as those on HealtheHuman or Livestrong.

MyTrainer is a useful site if you cant quite figure out how to perform an exercise by reading about it. But its general lack of good dietary information and the ct that the videos are created by other users who may or may not know what theyre doing means this site should not be your first destination when you want to get back into shape. I think you should consider it a backup when you need to see how to perform an exercise.


WorkoutBOX is an informational community where users can share their vorite workout programs and educate others in the process.

Generally, using the communitys wisdom to help you in your workout routine works well. In ct, I found that most of the exercises on WorkoutBOX that came from other users were quite helpful in getting me to work on the parts of my body that I wanted to strengthen.

Workouts are great on WorkoutBOX

One of my vorite features from WorkoutBOX is how it groups different kinds of exercises. For example, the site features a page that gives users workout programs to try at home, without exercise equipment. The sites 20-minute outdoor workout includes instructions on squats, dips, push-ups, and more to give you a full workout in that time. I tried it and was impressed by the program--its a quick, yet difficult workout that worked every part of my body. It was great.

Overall, the community at WorkoutBOX is intelligent and knows what theyre doing. There were some folks who seemed like they were trying to make others believe they knew more than they did, but for the most part, you can learn quite a bit by going to the site and listening to what others have to say, and seeing the exercises they perform to improve their health.

The major issue with WorkoutBOX is its not a full-featured health improvement site. You wont find dietary advice and you wont have any way to track your progress.

So which site of the bunch should you be using first? Although no site is perfect, Livestrong is a great site thats both easy to use and offers dietary and exercise features youll probably be happy with. Of the products in this group, its the best.

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If you think these sites are cool, you have GOT to check out our site at -- WWW.INFLICTTRAINING.COM --

Weve got a 50 workout lineup available for purchase and download to your iPod and iPhone. The videos are filmed in high definition with multi-layered floating imagery on black background, and individual exercise detail with some incredibly stylized graphics including tips to hone in on form. Visitorsdiet meals to the site can download a free workout.

The workouts are full body and each include a challenging mixture of strength, endurance, and cross-training exercises that span across several training styles from linear / body building exercises to plyometric (jump) training, functional and combination movements, to core, agility &38;38; balance training, and even interval training. We have an exercise library of over 200 different exercises to build our workouts from.

Peter Park, Lance Armstrongs strength and conditioning coach, helped design the workout program, so theyre as good as it gets. Weve got tons of our content on LIVESTONG.com. They plaster the same videos from our site regularly on their home page and in their fitness category. Were also featured as an Expert on the home page. Here are some URLs to our section on their site. Any questions, please email me. Wed love to get included in a re-posting of this article and I can provide any graphics you need.

Thanks and take care.

Danny Nigro


Inflict Training, LLC

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YOu should look at sparkpeople.com which is very very extensive and is very good for tracking your goals.

Hey Danny,

The point of the article is to fire your trainer for these FREE services. So maybe customers from your site should cancel their subscription and try these sites. It is frustrating when people try to push their products in these communities. A suggestion would be to offer some advice or compliments on a board like this and just include the link to your site below your name. I would be more likely to click on the link in that case than I would after reading your marketing materials.

Don, thanks for writing the article! I am going to check out Livestrong and Gyminee.



ExerciseTV ( is another great alternative to paying expensive personal trainer fees.

ExerciseTV offers hundreds of free workouts like Budokon, kickboxing and Cardioke from the worlds hottest trainers, like Jillian Michaels. Workouts run from 3 to 60 minutes and are also available to download and own starting at $.99.

ExerciseTVs community and blog ( offers free advice from celebrity trainers and a place to connect and share advice, goals, workouts and video with other users.

ExerciseTV has the workouts and workout plan for your mobile phone and even has a widget so you can share your vorite workouts on social networking sites.

ExerciseTV is also available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on demand for digital cable subscribers.

Its a free/very low cost option where you can get the best healthy living advice and plan for your lifestyle.

I love ExerciseTV, i use it all the time and they have great workouts. Its perfect on the days when i dont go to the gym.

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