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The Power of Laughter

The Power of Laughter

From the desk of: Jean Blackwell

Dear Friend,

Picture this. You''re standing around the water cooler at the office, sharing comments about last nights favorite sitcom. Here comes "Joe the Jerk," the buffoon of the office staff.

He butts in with, "have you heard the latest about the farmers daughter?" He launches into his latest off color joke completely ignoring the gender or makeup of his audience.

When he finally finishes, an uncomfortable silence falls across the group. Moments later one or two people may offer a half hearted chuckle and the group breaks up heading back to their workplace amid an uncomfortable atmosphere.

Unfortunately this, or something similar, happens every day around the globe.

There''s no doubt about it, laughter truly is the best medicine. You probably have your own personal "library" of jokes that you roll out when the occasion arises.

However, have you ever given any thought to "joke etiquette?" Probably not, because until now there hasn''t been any guidelines written on the subject.

That''s no longer the case. "The Power Of Laughter"brings you a long list of wonderfully laughable jokes. . .however. . .it doesn''t stop there.

Not just another overdone "joke book,"The Power Of Laughter" explores the anatomy of a joke from introduction straight through to delivery.

He discusses the right and wrong way to tell a joke and teaches you how to determine the "appropriateness" and timing of your joke.

He also explores:

  • How to keep it simple

  • Laughing at your own joke

  • Risque jokes - yes or no

  • Insults and put-downs

  • Wrong joke or wrong audience

  • Timing

  • How to steal from the best

  • How to be a good audience

  • Your biggest asset

John Williams does not promise that you''ll be the next star on the professional comedy circuit, but he does teach you how to add humor and life to your social and business encounters.

Whether you are already a good storyteller or someone who would like to learn how to develop and deliver a repertoire, there is something for everyone in "The Power Of Laughter."

Grab your copy today and be the life of the party tomorrow!


30 Days Money Back Guarantee!

P.S. Timing is everything. Learn how to deliver, what to deliver and when to deliver it!

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