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Say bye to Asthma, use Generic Montelukast

Say bye to Asthma, use Generic Montelukast

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Asthma is not an unfamiliar term in today’s world. The inflammation of the airways making reception and release of air by the lungs troublesome is the reason behind this disease. The major signs of asthma are sudden panting, coughing, and shortness of breath and rigidity of chest.

There is no basic difference between the branded medicines and the generic ones. These are therapeutically same and have the same componential elements. The brand name for Montelukast is Singulair. The generic drugs look different from the branded ones because one cannot copy the exact components of a branded drug. Thus, though the basic component in Singulair and its generic form is Montelukast some other inactive ingredients are also included in the generic versions. However, customers do not need to worry about this fact since the inactive ingredients have no side effects. Generic drugs come cheaper than branded ones since brand companies make up the cost of research and development through their sales.

Generic Montelukast is a drug under the LTRA or Leukotriene Receptor Antagonist category. Leukotriene is a group of chemical which worsens inflammation. Montelukast restricts the bindings formed by Leukotriene and thus reduces asthma and other allergy symptoms. It is to be kept in mind that if you are already suffering from asthma you should not use Montelukast since it is meant only to CONTROL the disease. One already suffering from asthma should always be treated by inhalers or other fast relief medications. It is highly recommended that one should take Montelukast only if he has been prescribed to do so by the doctor.

Alike any other medical drug Montelukast also has certain side effects. But the good thing is that, these side effects go away by themselves most of the time. Taking Montelukast may lead to petty side effects such as coughdiarrhea,dizziness, fever, headache, digestive disorders, runny nose, scaly and itchy skin, skin reactions, stuffy nose, dehydration, toothache, weakness or odd fatigue. Though these issues are by no means to stay with you for long yet it is wise to consult a physician always.

There are certain items from our daily life from which patients afflicted with asthma are to be aware of. These are UV filters, Glycol Ethers, Parabens, Cyclosiloxanes, and Triclosan etc.

Any previous health condition should be brought to the doctor’s knowledge. There have been known cases of people suffering from allergy caused by Montelukast. One should thus be careful before taking the pill.

People with liver and kidney disorder; pregnant and breast feeding women and those under Rx and OTC treatment are not fit to have this pill.

Remember, that you should not be tempted to buy Montelukast just because someone you know have benefitted after having the drug. The drug might just not suit your health conditions and might lead to hazardous consequences.

Though, treatment via Montelukast is a long term process yet its positive effects are undeniable. So, if you have any of the asthmatic symptoms you are suggested to visit your doctor and ask if you need to be treated by Generic Montelukast.

Amanda Curie is in the medical industry for decades. Generic Montelukast has been her area of research for a long time.